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Edward Gray


(406) 439-5468

Drawing on over three decades of clinical practice grounded in psychodynamic and systems theories, I have come to dearly appreciate the depth and breadth of human experience, psychologically, emotionally, rationally, and spiritually. We are each unique paradoxes of strength and fragility, often struggling even in the best of times with the profound mysteries of our existence, who we are, and how we are in relationship with one another. We all want to feel at home in the world, and we may well experience considerable conflict in this, the fundamental purpose of our lives. Along the way, we are increasingly made whole in myriad ways, uncovering our deeper selves as we become an expression and reflection of being and belonging.  

In this context, I work to understand my clients, who themselves (yes, even children) draw on a wide range of life experiences, in the dignity of their suffering. This may include depression, anxiety, or other painful experiences. I accept clients for individual therapy, for couple’s therapy, or for family therapy. I also have extensive experience in providing consultation, supervision and training for other therapists.

I am fortunate to be part of Rivers and Mountains, and we are able to provide concerted therapies for families who may need more than one therapist to effectively treat various family members.